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Gary's Professional Dog Grooming - small dog collage from bath to grooming

Large to Petite, we keep 'em Clean and Neat!

A full dog grooming includes a bath, nail trim, teeth brushing, ear cleaning, ear hair removal, and anal gland expression when necessary.  Tearless shampoo is used on the head and face.  We also offer a full line of specialty shampoos for all skin types and coat conditions, including hypoallergenic, oatmeal, and medicated shampoo.  Hot oil treatments and flea baths are also available at no extra charge.  Finally, the grooming process is completed with brushing, a trim to the coat, and complete professional styling.  Every dog leaves adorned with a bandana or hair bows.

Our style of dog grooming is to make your dog's experience a priority. We take our time with your dog and don't rush through grooming your dog. We will most likely take longer for grooming than you may have experienced at other places. This is because we know that your dog has feelings and emotions just like a person does. Dogs are sometimes scared and our goal is to change that to where they enjoy the grooming process as much as possible. Sometimes we stop and give them a break from grooming if they seem stressed and continue working on them later.

Breaks from grooming are really important with senior dogs and with puppies who are being introduced to the grooming process. Since we focus on your dog's experience with us we do not rush through grooming your dog. We believe this is why we have such a long waiting list for dog grooming. Everyone wants their dog treated with care, attention, and respect and one can't accomplish this while rushing a dog through the grooming process.

Matted dogs may need to be shaved down.  Once that assessment is made, we will call you for approval before we begin the process.  We will not shave your dog unless you are notified of our reccomendation to do so.

Don't forget...

Busy schedule?  We may be able to accommodate afternoon, weekend, and late afternoon appointments.

*Pricing varies according to breed, coat condition, size, and dogs' temperament.  We require that every dog is current with all vaccinations.