Cincinnati Dog Training Academy

Training options

We have the solution! Our dog training classes are effective because we use positive, practical, and respectful training methods that anyone can perform. We will help you to unleash your canine companion's full potential!

Choose one of our three dog training options:

CANINE MANNERS COURSE - 6 week group class $200



Your dog boards with us and we train your dog over the course of 2 to 4 weeks.

This includes lifetime training for your dog at no additional charge other than boarding fees.

What you will need to bring with your dog once enrolled in the program:

  • Completed training paperwork packet
  • Vaccination records
  • Your dog's food


 IN-HOME LESSONS - $150 per hour

These are private lessons either at your home, a park, or at our facility.

Usually requires 2 - 4 lessons to resolve your particular behavioral issue.



Call us at (513) 891-9851 for more information