We couldn't be more pleased


As a retired elementary science teacher and lover of the environment, I loved reading your biography. I was struck by your wonder of all things natural.

As to our experience with having Zippy groomed by you, we couldn’t be more pleased. I don’t think I ever told you about this, but my sister-in-law, Dusty Jones, spent her career as a dog groomer – much of it at Gary’s. After Gary’s death, she moved her position to Deer Park Veterinary Clinic and continued to work there until her retirement. She had always groomed our dogs.

It just so happens that her retirement coincided with us getting our new dog, Zippy. As Dusty, who went with us to check him out when we rescued him, was now retired, we were going to have to find another groomer. Since we had been previous customers of Gary’s, we decided to check you out.

As you know, out dog was six years old and had been abused. Although we’ve had Zippy nearly five years, he still will scream in a totally unpredictable way if he thinks some touch is going to be followed by pain. I explained his special needs to you and you have always treated him with the upmost compassion. I would not even consider taking him anywhere else.

Thank you so much for the special person you are and the special care you provide to Zippy.

Bill and Kathy Reed