Thanks for all you do for our 4 legged friends

Hi Rickey,

Thanks for your fascinating history of how you developed into the person you are today.

I've enjoyed taking my dogs to you over the last 6 years, three with my handsome dog Bailey and now with my little sometimes scruffy Buster. When Bailey died you showed him on your website and said Rest in Peace as I hope he is doing while waiting for our family to cross that Rainbow Bridge. He always looked so great whenever you groomed him.

Now we have our schnoodle, Buster. He doesn't require as much grooming as Buster, but he did require training as a puppy. He enjoyed his puppy school and learned how to behave with other dogs in his class.

As far as grooming, Buster likes going to Gary's and hopefully behaves himself while there. Ricky, you are so good at looking at pictures and grooming exactly the way he should be done.

Thanks for all you do for our 4 legged friends and we only wish you the very best in the future.

Jane and Buster Otten