Who is Rickey?

Rickey Kinley

Dog Groomer, Head Dog Trainer, and Canine Positive Experience Provider

  • Formally trained for eight years by a Certified Master Dog Groomer
  • Has trained dogs for over 20 years, dealing with a broad spectrum of behavioral problems and issues, ranging from aggression to severe shyness.
  • Created and implemented an award winning behavior management program for training penguins at the Cincinnati Zoo.
  • Has instructed coursework and classes on operant conditioning and training for all the zoo keepers, volunteers, and education personnel at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden.
  • Achieved the title Senior Zoo keeper for an over 21 year career at the Cincinnati Zoo.
  • Featured in Cincinnati Magazine for work with animals.
  • Performed speaking engagements and published papers about training animals all over the country and internationally for various companies and animal training organizations.
  • Elected the 2010 President of the Animal Behavior Management Alliance, an organization of individuals working together and striving to better understand the science of animal behavior. (www.theABMA.org)

A Letter from Rickey

Over the years on several occasions I have been asked about my earliest memory of when I first became fascinated by animals and nature. Luckily, I actually remember that very moment when I was 3 three years old. It began on a warm comfortable summer day when...

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